Tuesday, December 30, 2014

CEAL Website Back Online

As noted in my recent post, the CEAL Website was hacked last week. I took steps to secure our server, and have now restored the site (click to view the CEAL website).

CEAL Server Folder administrators: 

For now access to the CEAL server is limited to me, as I am testing our site to make sure there is no further problem. No FTP access to your folders on the server is available. I am currently developing a new system to allow you to administer your folders with less risk to the CEAL server.

About one or two weeks from now (as soon as possible), I will contact you with new information about how to update your CEAL server folder. Thanks for your patience.

Let me know if you have questions or concerns.

Yours truly,
Rob Britt
Chair, CEAL Library Technology Committee

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

CEAL Website Down

The CEAL website has been hit with the second malware attack in the last two weeks. I am working to restore the website, but it may take some time (it's difficult to be more specific at this point). I will carefully (and slowly) make sure the problem is resolved before restoring the website. As it is the holiday, it may take longer than otherwise. In the meantime, the two CEAL blogs, CEAL News and CEAL Jobs (both hosted by Google blogger) are working. The Eastlib listserv is also still working.  I am happy to do posts for you on the blogs, just let me know what you'd like to post.

Thanks for your patience.

For those who manage folders on the CEAL website:

I have changed all the passwords, again. This means that you will have no FTP access to your CEAL folder. After the website is restored, you may email me for further information and instructions. At that point, I will re-issue your password. In the meantime, please do a complete malware scan of your computers, especially your CEAL web folder backup.

Have a great holiday season.

Rob Britt
CEAL Library Technology Chair

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Applications sought for 2015 FCIL Schaffer Grant for Foreign Law Librarians

Friends & Colleagues:
The Foreign, Comparative and International Law Special Interest Section (FCIL-SIS) of the American Association of Law Libraries is now accepting applications for the 2015 FCIL Schaffer Grant for Foreign Law Librarians. The Grant subsidizes a foreign law librarian to attend the Annual Meeting of the American Association of Law Libraries (AALL), the world's largest law librarian professional organization.

The FCIL Schaffer Grant for the AALL Annual Meeting (http://www.aallnet.org/conference) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (July 18-21, 2015) provides a waiver of the AALL Annual Meeting full registration fee and a grant of a minimum $2,000 to assist with accommodations and travel costs.

Details regarding the FCIL Schaffer Grant for Foreign Law Librarians as well as the application form can be found at http://www.aallnet.org/sections/fcil/grants-awards/FCIL-Schaffer-Grant.

Applicants must be law librarians or other professionals working in the legal information field, currently employed in countries other than the United States, and with significant responsibility for the organization, preservation, or provision of legal information. The application deadline is November 30, 2014. The Grant Committee will not consider late or incomplete applications. Please note: Grant winners must pay all expenses in advance. Grant awards will only be disbursed at the AALL Annual Meeting.

Please feel free to contact me or another committee member <http://www.aallnet.org/sections/fcil/grants-awards/FCIL-Schaffer-Grant> if you have any questions about the 2015 FCIL Schaffer Grant for Foreign Law Librarians. Also, please feel free to distribute this announcement to any listserv or individual who might be interested in attending the 2015 AALL Annual Meeting.

Sherry Leysen
2015 FCIL Schaffer Grant for Foreign Law Librarians Selection Committee

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Grant Funding Available for Library Acquisitions of Japanese Studies Material

Dear Japanese Studies Researchers and Librarians,

The North American Coordinating Council on Japanese Library Materials (NCC), through the generous support of the Japan-U.S. Friendship Commission (JUSFC) and the Japan Publications Trading Co. (JPT), annually makes available substantial funding for library acquisition of multi-volume sets (including microforms, sets of back issues of journals etc.) of Japanese studies materials, published two or more years ago, with limited holdings in academic institutions in the USA.
  • 75% of the purchase price is available for such sets not held in full and circulated through interlibrary loan by any US academic institution
  • 50% of the purchase price is available for such sets held in full and circulated through ILL by no more than one US academic institution
Applicants need merely cover the remaining costs (including shipping), catalog materials in a timely fashion, and offer them for interlibrary loan to other North American users.

In addition, smaller institutions (with acquisitions budgets of less than $10,000 annually for Japanese materials) are eligible to apply for up to 80% support for any multi-volume set costing 100,000 yen or more, regardless of the number of US holdings.

For more information, please visit the MVS Grant pages on the NCC website:

We are fast-approaching the pre-screening deadline of November 1, and based on the current number of applicants, should be able to fund many more proposals. The pre-screening application is extremely simple, requiring nothing more than basic identifying information regarding the applicant and the resource(s) for which you wish to apply. Multiple applications from a single institution are welcome. The final application will not be due until January 9, 2015.

The pre-screening application is available as a downloadable link from this page:

For larger institutions (annual Japanese studies collecting budgets of $10,000 or more), you may wish to consult the following list for samples of applicable materials (not all, but many of these titles are still eligible for grant application; check USA holdings through Worldcat.org):

In addition, NCC’s Cooperative Collection Development Working Group is urging librarians to consider acquiring back files (monthly/annual reprints or discs) of select local Japanese newspapers not held in the USA. Some of these are eligible for MVS Grant applications and the MVS Grant Committee supports applications for them. Please see the list of some eligible titles below.

Have questions? Need help? I am at your service. As the recipient of four previous NCC MVS grants, I can testify: this is too great an opportunity for you to ignore!

Dan McKee
2015 NCC MVS Grant Committee Co-Chair
(607) 255-4737

Some local newspaper back files eligible for MVS include:

茨城新聞 2008年版~2013年版(計120,000円)。
下野新聞 2012年1月号~2014年6月号(計126,000円)。
北国新聞 2000年6月号~2014年5月号(計756,000円)。
中日新聞 2011年5月号~2014年6月号(計209,912円)。
福井新聞 1997年3月号~2011年3月号 (計724,165円)
DVD版 2011年4月号~2014年7月号 (計120,000円)
山梨日日新聞 2007年1月号~2014年6月号 (計253,440円)
中部経済新聞 2009年7月号~2014年3月号 (計162,849円)

Friday, October 10, 2014

New Taiwan Resource Center for Chinese Studies at East Asia Library of UW Libraries

A Taiwan Resource Center for Chinese Studies (TRCCS) has been established at the East Asia Library of University of Washington Libraries through collaboration between UW Libraries and the National Central Library, Taiwan.

On October 2nd, a memorandum of understanding (MOU) between the University of Washington (UW) Libraries and the National Central Library (NCL) of Taiwan was signed in establishment of the Taiwan Resource Center for Chinese Studies at the East Asia Library of UW Libraries. This new center is the second established in the United States, and the eighth worldwide. At the UW signing ceremony, NCL Director-general Tseng Shu-hsien presented also the University of Washington with a gift of the reproduction of a Taiwanese national treasure—the Annotated Poems of Su Dongpo – dating from the twelfth century.

Following the signing ceremony, guest speaker, Professor Shih-hui Chen from the Shepherd School of Music of Rice University, spoke on “Messages from Taiwan: Recreating Tradition through Musical Composition”. A scholar and composer, Dr. Chen is world renowned in her field. A third component of the dedication on OCT 2nd was the official opening of an exhibition entitled “Traditional and Modern Music of Taiwan,” on display in the UW East Asia Library through December 12. Included in the exhibit are 79 volumes and 92 audiovisual files of modern, traditional, pop, aboriginal, and Hakka musical selections and musicians.

At the signing ceremony, Vice-Provost and Dean of UW Libraries Betsy Wilson said, “The center is another milestone in the long tradition and friendship between UW Libraries and National Central Library and other Libraries in Taiwan.” Through the center, this collaboration brings to the University of Washington valuable scholarly publications of Chinese and Taiwanese studies and an annual series of lectures about Taiwan. The establishment of the center will further expand scholarly resources in Taiwan Chinese studies at the UW, enlarge the scope of exchange between the University of Washington and Taiwan, and promote cultural understanding.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

CEAL Website: Library List Updated

I've just updated the East Asian Library List on the CEAL website. I believe the links are now all working. However, please check the link to your collection, to make sure I have linked to the desired page. Many of the pages have change in recent years, and nearly half of the sites I checked needed an update, which I did using my best judgement.

Also, please let me know if your library is not included in the list, and you would like me to add a link. Please reply to me at: rrbritt@uw.edu.

Rob Britt

CEAL Library Technology Chair

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Travel Grants for UW Manhwa Collection

Library Travel Grants to Use the Manhwa Collection in the University of Washington East Asia Library

The UW East Asia Library is pleased to offer travel grants to scholars outside the Seattle/Tacoma area to conduct Korea-related research using the Manhwa (Korean graphic novel) collection in the East Asia Library of the University of Washington.

The East Asia Library’s Manhwa collection consists of over 15,000 volumes in Korean. It is the  largest and most comprehensive Manhwa collection in North America. The collection mainly has publications from the 1980s thru the early 2000s when Korean graphic novels were mostly in print before moving to the online format called webtoon. The collection has comprehensive works by famous cartoonists such as Yi Hyon-se, Pak Pong-song, Ko Haeng-sok, Yi Sang-mu and many others.

Nearly 900 individual titles are already cataloged and available from the OCLC Worldcat database or the UW Library catalog for descriptions on these books. The remaining uncataloged materials (approx. 600 titles) are available in the Excel document format upon request.

GRANT AMOUNT: Up to $1,500 to cover travel expenses (air and lodging)

* who document how their research will benefit from access to the Manhwa collection at the UW and whose research will take advantage of our strengths

* Applications are being accepted. The application deadline is August 1, 2014.
* A total of two awards will be made.
* Awards must be used and receipts submitted by December 31, 2014.
* Each recipient is required to submit a short summary of the research accomplished with the grant within 30 days upon completion of the travel.

Submit (email applications preferred) a brief description of your research topic, sources in the collection you plan to use, a brief curriculum vitae, and an estimated budget to Hyokyoung Yi, hkyi@uw.edu. If you have any questions, please contact Hyokyoung Yi.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Survey on Japanese Romanization

Japanese Romanization Table Survey | Task Force Final Report

Dear colleagues,
The CTP/CJM Joint Working Group on Japanese Romanization Table would like to invite your participation in a survey on the ALA-LC Romanization Table: Japanese (updated in 2012).

The WG has been working to resolve the issues that were identified by the Task Force on the LC Proposal for Japanese Romanization (for full details, please see the TF's final report). With this survey, we would like to hear from the CEAL community about how you currently deal with those issues, as well as what other issues or questions you have experienced since the Romanization Table was revised. The results of the survey will be used to prioritize the issues, and determine how they should be addressed to improve the Romanization Table.

Please take a moment to answer the Japanese Romanization Table Survey, by Thursday, June 19th. It should only take about 5 minutes of your time.

The WG appreciates your cooperation.

CJM/CTP Joint Working Group on Japanese Romanization Table

Rob Britt
Mieko Mazza
Hikaru Nakano
Chiaki Sakai
Keiko Suzuki
Yoko Kudo, Chair

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Chinese Art Reference Guide Published

Chinese art documentation in China, UK and USA (PDF)

The Art Libraries Journal just published a special issue: Chinese art documentation in China, UK and USA (vol.39 no.2 2014). The publication provides snapshots of some of the major Chinese art collections in the three countries. It is a useful reference guide to Chinese art research.

For more information, see the abstract, linked above.


Susan Xue
Head, Information and Public Services
Electronic Resources Librarian
C.V. Starr East Asian Library
UC Berkeley
Tel: 510-643-6327

Email: sxue@library.berkeley.edu

Friday, April 11, 2014

Journal of East Asian Libraries: Vote on Change of Publishing Format

Task Force Final Report (PDF) | Gail King's Presentation

To All CEAL Members:

The CEAL Executive Board has been involved in discussions about the format of the Journal of East Asian Libraries since last year. As Past-President Peter Zhou announced during the Business Plenary at the CEAL meeting in Philadelphia, the Executive Board made a decision to ask CEAL members their opinion on this issue. Below is a summary explaining the actions of the Executive Board to date.

April, 2013

Task Force on JEAL chaired by Gail King created to examine the issue of whether JEAL should continue being published in print with an open-access electronic archive (the status quo) or move to entirely online publishing.

November, 2013

The Task Force completed its work and submitted its final report to the Executive Board

February, 2014

Following sustained discussion, the Executive Board voted to in favor of moving to online-only publishing for JEAL. It was also decided that the Executive Board would not proceed unless the membership indicated support for this option.

Next Steps

April, 2014

The Task Force on JEAL Final Report is to be circulated to all CEAL members.

May, 2014

Voting by the membership is to take place between May 1 and May 15, with an announcement of the results on May 20.

Linked above is a copy of the final report of the task force. Pages one and two of the report present the issues and the pros and cons of each approach. Please take the time to review this report and if you have any questions, send them to Gail King (gail_king@byu.edu) or Ellen Hammond (ellen.hammond@yale.edu). For further information, please also consult Gail King’s PowerPoint presentation at the CEAL meeting, also linked above.

The announcement to open the voting will take place on May 1 and the process will be similar to that for CEAL elections (that is, online voting).

I want to thank Gail King and Peter Zhou for their leadership on this issue and also recognize the contributions of the other Task Force Members: Hee-Sook Shin, Vickie Doll, Chengzhi Wang, and Joy Kim. The Task Force members did an exemplary job investigating the issues.

Best regards,

Ellen Hammond
CEAL President

Ellen H. Hammond

Director, International Collections & Research Support
Head, East Asia Library
Yale University
PO Box 208240
New Haven, CT 06520-8240

Tel: +1 203 432-1791
Fax: +1 203 432-8527

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Chinese Rare Books Overseas: CEAL 2014 Program

Report on a Survey Project on the Collaborative Preservation of Chinese Rare Books Overseas

Mr. Zhang Zhiqing, Deputy Director of the National Library of China (NLC)

11:00-12:30pm, March 27, 2014
Independence Ballroom II, 3rd Level
Philadelphia Downtown Marriott

Mr. Zhang’s report will give a brief overview of the NLC’s project on collaborative preservation of Chinese rare books overseas with a focus on the compilation of The Union Catalog of Chinese Rare Books in North America. He will also introduce the recent publications of Reprints of Chinese Rare Books (Overseas Edition) and Chinese Rare Books Series. Finally he will update the preparation for the “Workshop on Appraisal and Preservation of Chinese Rare Books for North American Librarians.”

Susan Xue
Chair, Committee on Chinese Materials (2012-14)

East Asian Science Technology and Medicine: 2014 Program

Dear all,
At the annual AAS / CEAL conference, the East Asian STM (Science, Technology and Medicine group) will meet Friday morning, March 28th from 7-8 am at the Marriott, room 301 (the conference hotel).

The nuclear reactor accident in Fukushima has made everyone realize the importance of communication among historians of science, scientists in various disciplines and archivists/librarians. Please join us to discuss the future directions of the East Asian STM!

We look forward to seeing you all there!

East Asian Science, Technology and Medicine (STM)
Friday March 28th, 7-8 AM
Philadelphia Marriott Downtown, room 301


Best wishes,
The Co-Chairs of East Asian STM:
Tomoko Y. Steen, Ph.D.
The library of Congress
Laura Wong, MLS, MS
National Library of Medicine

Friday, February 28, 2014

Electronic Resources: Librarians and Vendors Round Table

PDF: Roundtable Announcement | PDF: 2014 Plenary Program | Annual Meeting Schedule

Council on East Asian Libraries 

Association for Asian Studies 

Electronic Resources: Librarians and Vendors Round Table 

9:30-11:00 pm 
Thursday, March 27 

 Liberty Ballroom C 
Philadelphia Marriott Downtown 

This Round Table is open to all CEAL members as well as vendors and electronic information providers who are strongly encouraged to submit issues and questions to their respective CEAL committee chairs for discussion at this Round Table. Jointly organized by Committees on Technical Processing, Chinese Materials, Japanese Materials, Korean Materials, and Public Services, this Round Table creates a dialog between East Asian librarians and vendors of electronic content. In particular, it articulates the need for compliance with well-established metadata standards for electronic resources when vendors provide e-content to East Asian libraries in North America. 

Moderator: Peter Zhou, CEAL President 

Issues and standards 

  • Shi Deng
    Chair, Committee on Technical Processing 
  • Bie-hwa Ma
    Co-Chair, CEAL Task Force on Metadata Standards and Best Practices for East Asian Electronic Resources 
  • Chengzhi Wang
    Co-chair, CEAL Task Force on Metadata Standards and Best Practices for East Asian Electronic Resources Needs and requirements 
  • Susan Xue
    Chair, Committee on Chinese Materials 
  • Setsuko Noguchi
    Chair, Committee on Japanese Materials 
  • Yunah Sung, Chair
    Committee on Korean Materials 
  • Jidong Yang
    Chair, Committee on Public Services 

Open discussion

Vendors and CEAL members

Summary and next steps

Ellen Hammond, Incoming President, CEAL

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Technical Processing Committee: 2014 Program

Program (PDF) | CTP

Council on East Asian Libraries Association for Asia Studies 

Committee on Technical Processing 

2014 Program 

RDA Implementation: Current Status and Known Issues

Philadelphia Marriot Downtown 
Marriott Liberty Ballroom C 
Thursday, March 27, 2014 2:30-3:20 p.m. 

The CEAL CTP Subcommittee on RDA will report a survey results on the current status of RDA implementation among CEAL members since March 31, 2013, the implementation date set by the national libraries. The Subcommittee will also present some examples of what public services and users would like to see on specific CJK known issues and how they may affect user tasks/experiences in resource discovery. A discussion of some possible solutions to some of known issues as well as how to prioritize these issues will be followed by a Q&A sessions.

2:30-3:00 pm RDA Implementation: Current Status and Known Issues (Charlene, Jessalyn, Sarah, & Shi)
  • Survey report on RDA Implementation Status among CEAL Community
  • Known Issues: how they may affect users’ experiences in resource discovery
  • Known Issues: Some possible solutions to known issues and the committee’s priorities
  • LC Updates on CJK Numerals, etc. (to distribute in writing via eastlib-l by Friday, March 21)
  • PCC CJK NACO Project updates (to distribute in writing via eastlib-l by Friday, March 21)
  • Q&A (5 minutes) 
3:00-3:05 pm Report: ALA-LC Japanese Romanization Table (Yoko) 
3:05-3:10 pm Report & Award: LC-CEAL Internship Program (Yue) 
3:10-3:15 pm Report & Recognition of CTP members and subcommittee members (Shi) 
3:15-3:20 pm Q&A

Thursday, February 20, 2014

CJM and NCC: 2014 Joint Program

PDF: 2014 CJM NCC Joint Program | CJM | NCC

Dear East Asian Librarians:
The Committee on Japanese Materials (CJM) and the North American Coordinating Council on Japanese Library Resources (NCC) will have a joint program at the CEAL 2014 annual conference. The program, titled Digital resource development for Japanese Studies: our opportunities and challenges will feature two informative presentations followed by a panel discussion. For more detail, please see the CJM NCC program PDF, linked above.

We look forward to seeing you in Philadelphia!

Kuniko Yamada McVey
Chair, NCC

Setsuko Noguchi
Chair, CJM snoguchi@princeton.edu

Thursday, February 13, 2014

New: CEAL Technical Services Expertise List

Expertise List | Expertise Survey | CTP

Dear Colleagues,
At the 2013 CEAL Annual Meeting, the idea was raised that the Committee on Technical Processing (CTP) should gather cataloging expertise information from CEAL members, so that it would be easier for CEAL members to find colleagues with special skills for consultation or collaboration. As a result, the Committee on Technical Processing worked with the Membership Committee to gather information on the technical services expertise of CEAL members.

We are pleased to announce that the survey results are available from the link below. We would like to thank Rob Britt (Library Technology Committee) for providing the technical support.
CEAL Technical Services Expertise List
The survey results will also be linked on the CTP webpage.

We hope this list will be a valuable resource for colleagues seeking technical services expertise among the CEAL membership.

We will keep the survey open so anyone who wants to be included or wants to update information can do so by clicking here. Please note that we will continue to maintain this list.

Please send any questions or correction requests to Mieko Mazza and Keiko Suzuki.

Thank you again for responding to the cataloging expertise survey.

Mieko Mazza (Committee on Technical Processing)
Japanese Technical Services Librarian
East Asia Library, Meyer Library, 4th Floor
Stanford University
T 650.497.5437

Ms. Keiko SUZUKI 鈴木啓子 (CEAL Membership Committee)
Head, East Asia Library Technical Services,
International Collections & Research Support
Yale University
PO Box 208240
New Haven, CT 06520-8240
TEL: (203) 432-2778
FAX: (203) 432-8527

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Committee on Korean Materials: 2014 Program

PDF CKM 2014 Program

Dear Colleagues,
Above is a link to the 2014 CEAL Committee on Korean Materials (CKM) annual program.

I look forward to seeing you in Philadelphia!
Yunah Sung
Chair, CKM

Monday, February 3, 2014

Committee on Public Services: 2014 Annual Meeting Program

CPS 2014 Program (PDF)

Dear colleagues,
Above is a link to the program for the Committee on Public Services meeting at CEAL 2014. I look forward to seeing everybody again in Philly.
Jidong Yang
CPS Chair

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Please Renew Your CEAL Membership!

Renewal Application Information | CEAL Directory

Membership = 2014 or later CEAL Dues Paid + Current AAS Membership

Dear All,
This is a second reminder to renew your CEAL membership. I would be grateful if you could renew your membership by either sending a check for $30 (payable to the Association for Asian Studies) or providing your credit card information ($32, including credit card fee), as noted in the renewal application form (PDF and Word versions of the form are available on the webpage linked above).

Your membership status may be checked using the link to the CEAL Directory above.Sign in, and click Search, Search People to find your record. Current members have CEAL membership paid through 2014 or later, AND current AAS membership.

Please mail your completed form to the following address:
Hee-sook Shin
CEAL Treasurer, 2012-2015
Korean Studies Librarian
C.V. Starr East Asian Library
310M Kent Hall, Mail code 3901
Columbia University
1140 Amsterdam Ave.
New York, NY 10027

As you all know, an important election will begin very soon. Eight positions on the Executive Board will be filled. Only current CEAL members are eligible to vote. Please don't delay!

Thank you in advance for your prompt action.

Best regards,

Hee-sook Shin
CEAL Treasurer

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Committee on Chinese Materials: 2014 Program

PDF 2014 CCM Program

Dear Colleagues,
The 2014 program of the Committee on Chinese Materials is now available from CEAL/CCM website. For details of the CCM Work Session and the two workshops, please visit http://www.eastasianlib.org/ccm/Program2014.shtml. A PDF version of the program is linked above.

We look forward to seeing you all in Philadelphia!

CCM Members:
Susan Xue, Chair
Vickie Doll
Tang Li
Ming-sun Poon
Zhijia Shen
Ping Situ
Haihui Zhang

2014 CEAL Plenary Program

CEAL Colleagues,
I am pleased to announce the 2014 CEAL Plenary Program on March 26 in Philadelphia. The theme, topics, speakers and venue are posted on the CEAL website. Click here to view now.

Peter Zhou, PhD
President, Council on East Asian Libraries (CEAL)

Assistant University Librarian
Director, C.V. Starr East Asian Library
University of California, Berkeley
Berkeley, CA 94720-6000

Tel: (510) 643-6579
FAX: (510) 642-3817

Monday, January 13, 2014

CEAL Membership: Renew | Confirm | Join

Join CEAL | Confirm Status | CEAL Home

Please make sure your CEAL membership is current, and if you haven't joined CEAL yet, this is a good time to do so.

Why? Because only current CEAL members are eligible to vote in the CEAL election, to be held in February, or to get involved in CEAL-related committee work. Besides, with CEAL membership you get a free subscription to JEAL, the Journal of East Asian Libraries, and the benefit of association with the oldest and most important group of East Asian Library specialists in North America.

Next Steps?

Remember, the CEAL election is coming up in less than a month. Don’t delay!

Please let me know if you have questions.


Sarah Elman
CEAL Membership Committee Chair

Friday, January 10, 2014

CEAL 2014 Annual Meeting Schedule Posted

AAS / CEAL 2014: Schedule | Announcement | Association of Asian Studies Conference Info

The "2014 AAS Conference Schedule for CEAL and Related Meetings" is now posted on the CEAL website (link above). A link to the PDF version is near the top of the page, and a download button (Excel logo) for the Excel file is provided (near the bottom).

Full programs of various sessions will be posted by different CEAL committees later. I look forward to seeing you in Philadelphia in March!

Peter Zhou
CEAL President