Thursday, September 27, 2012

Creating and Sharing Webinars


We have begun to organize a system to help CEAL members create, webcast, and archive webinars on aspects of East Asian libraries. Our new page on the CEAL website describes the steps to produce and share instructional and informational webcasts that will be useful to anyone interested in East Asian librarianship.

To get started, please take a look at the new Webinars page (click to view).

Rob Britt
Library Technology Chair
Shi Deng
Technical Processing Chair

China-Japan-Korea Library Conference

Call for presentations

4th China-Japan-Korea Library and Information Science Conference

November 30-December 1, 2012, Busan, Korea


Theme: Knowledge Organization: Issues and Trends

The Fourth China-Japan-Korea(CJK) Library and Information Science Conference organized by the  School of Information Resources Management, Renmin University of China, College of Knowledge and Library Sciences, University of Tsukuba, and the Department of Library, Archive and Information Studies of Pusan National University will take place in Busan, Korea during November 30-December 1, 2012

The main theme of the Symposium this year is “Knowledge Organization: Issues and Trends”.  The CJK Conference aims to bring together both researchers and information professionals to discuss the implications of various issues in library and information science.

Paper submission

Research papers must be written in English.  Presentations should be made in English, and will be limited to approximately 30 minutes plus 10-minute Q & A.  Either full paper or PowerPoint slides are to be accepted as a final draft and be included in the conference proceeding.  However, Presentation should be accompanied by PowerPoint slides.

Submit your proposal(up to 5 pages, doc, docx, pdf’s only) to the department email: by 15th October 2012.  The submissions will be reviewed by a selection committee.  Authors will be contacted by 25th October 2012

Key Dates

Research proposal/Abstract submission: 15th October 2012.
Notification of acceptance: 25nd October 2012.
Final paper or PPT slides: 23rd November, 2012


The Conference will be held at Induk Hall located in Pusan National University, Busan, Korea. Accommodations for all presenters and commentators will be provided by the Department of Library, Archive and Information Studies, Pusan National University

For more information please visit the conference site at

With kind regards,
Soo-Sang Lee, Chairman
Department of Library, Archive and Information Studies
Pusan National University
Busan, 609-735, Korea

Monday, September 10, 2012

Four East Asia-related Films (FYI)

Lucy Ostrander of Stourwater Pictures, a film producer in the Seattle area, has contacted me with information about her East Asia-related films, and requested that I pass on the information to East Asian librarians.  Below are short descriptions of four of her films, with links, FYI.
Rob Britt
Coordinator of East Asian Library Services
University of Washington
Gallagher Law Library
East Asian Law Department
Phone: 206-543-7447

Four East Asia-related Films Produced by Lucy Ostrander
The Revolutionary
Sidney Rittenberg arrived in China as a GI Chinese language expert at the end of World War II. Discharged there, he joined the Chinese Communist Party, and was an active participant in the Chinese communist revolution and its aftermath. An intimate of the Party's leadership, including Mao Zedong and Zhou Enlai, he gained prominence at the Broadcast Administration, one of the most important agencies of government. But in the convulsions of a giant country constantly reinventing itself, he twice ran afoul of the leadership, and served a total of 16 years in solitary confinement. He returned to the United States in 1980. THE REVOLUTIONARY is an intimate, unflinching account of Sidney Rittenberg's journey through the 20th century's biggest revolution. Produced by Stourwater Pictures, this award-winning 92-minute documentary is now being offered to academic institutions and libraries.

Fumiko Hayashida: The Woman Behind the Symbol
Stourwater Pictures, an independent documentary production company based near Seattle, WA has produced a number of films about the Asian American experience. Their recent film FUMIKO HAYASHIDA: THE WOMAN BEHIND THE SYMBOL starts as a historical portrait of Fumiko, her family and the Bainbridge Island Japanese American community in the decades before World War II.  It develops as a contemporary story which follows 97-year-old Fumiko and her daughter Natalie as they return to the site of the former Minidoka internment camp, their first trip back together in 63 years. The film reveals how a 1942 iconic photograph became the impetus for Fumiko to publicly lobby against the injustices of the past.
For more information:

Honor and Sacrifice
Stourwater is currently completing their documentary HONOR AND SACRIFICE, a 27-minute documentary about the Japanese American men who were incarcerated in concentration camps, enlisted in the U.S. military, and volunteered to become linguists in the Military Intelligence Service in the Pacific Theater of WWII.

Witness to revolution: The story of Anna Louise Strong
The daughter of a Nebraska minister, Anna Louise Strong earned a Ph.D. in philosophy at the University of Chicago. But it was in the Pacific Northwest, where she witnessed the 1916 Everett massacre and chronicled the 1919 Seattle General Strike, that her political vision took shape. In Moscow she helped found the first English language newspaper, in Spain her many visits resulted in her book, Spain in Arms; and in China she interviewed Mao in a Yenan cave in 1946. She is buried in Beijing in a special cemetery for martyrs of the revolution.

For more information: