Monday, December 19, 2011

2012 CEAL Membership Renewal Notice

Dear All,

I am writing to remind you to renew your 2012 CEAL membership as the election is approaching. Please renew your membership as soon as possible if you have not done so. The cut-off date for a valid membership is Feb.1, 2012. All renewals received after the cut-off date will not be able to get an election ballot.

Confirming Your Current Membership Status:
Only CEAL members are eligible to vote on CEAL issues, run for elected offices, or be nominated for appointed positions. To be a CEAL member, you must:
1. a current member of AAS (Current AAS members may login at the
AAS website, here)
2. current in your annual $30 CEAL membership dues (You may check your membership status by searching the
CEAL Directory.  Or, email CEAL Treasurer Ai-lin Yang about the status of your account.)

Joining CEAL is a 2-step process:
Step 1) Join AAS
Before submitting the CEAL membership application form, please join the
Association for Asian Studies(AAS).  According to article III. A. of the CEAL Bylaws, a CEAL member is “ Association for Asian Studies member who pays CEAL membership dues.”
Your CEAL membership will become effective only after you have joined AAS.

Step 2) Submit the Application Form and Dues
Print out the CEAL Membership Application form, and fill it in.  Write a check or money order for thirty dollars ($30), payable to "The Association for Asian Studies Inc." For credit card payments, please add a $2 credit card service fee to your payment amount (Total: $32), and provide your credit card information in the form.

Please note that you may also choose to pay for multiple years by sending the appropriate amount. For example, pay $60 for two years, $90 for three years, etc.
Membership comes with a subscription to the Journal of East Asian Libraries.

Mail your completed application form to:
Ai-lin Yang
CEAL Treasurer (2009-2012)
East Asia Library
Meyer Library, 4th Floor
Stanford University
Stanford, CA 94305-6004
Ai-lin Yang
Technical Services Coordinator/
Chinese Cataloging Librarian
East Asia Library
Meyer Library, 4th Floor, Room 470
Stanford University
Stanford, CA94305-6004
Phone: 650-736-7676
FAX:   650-724-2028

Call for Nominations --CEAL Election

Dear colleagues,

Seasonal Greetings!

I am sending you the official call for nomination/self-nomination for five important CEAL positions open for election. As you may have seen from CEAL President Joy Kim's announcement dated December 12, 2011, these positions are:

--Vice President/President Elect
--Two At-Large members
The Election Committee (EC) would greatly appreciate your participation in nominations. Following the guidance of CEAL By-laws -Article VII ,  we are committed to ensuring a slate of nominees balanced in geographic representation, area specialty, and collection size. We welcome nominations and self-nominations of newer CEAL members whereas encouraging experienced members to continue your valued contribution to the organization. Serving on the Executive Board is a wonderful opportunity of professional growth and career promotion.

Please send your nominations for any colleague who is a CEAL member and could make a contribution to the organization in your perspective. And please address your nominations to any of the EC members (contacts listed below) by January 13, 2012. The EC will check with the people nominated to make sure they are will to serve and have current CEAL membership. 

Thank you very much!

CEAL Election Committee:
Mikyung Kang
Setsuko Noguchi
Ying Zhang (Chair)
Ying Zhang, Ph.D.
Research Librarian for Asian Studies
University of California Irvine Libraries
P.O. Box 19557, Irvine, CA 92623-9557
Phone: 949.824.0489
fax: 949.824.0605
Offices: Langson Library Room 466, 109 

CEAL Election Committee appointed

Dear CEAL Members,

I am pleased to announce that the CEAL Election Committee has been appointed for the upcoming election. The members are:

--Ying Zhang (Chair)
--Mikyung Kang
--Setsuko Noguchi

According to the CEAL Bylaws, the following officers will also serve as ExOfficio members: Joy Kim (President), Peter Zhou (VicePresident/President Elect), and Beth Katzoff (Secretary)

Ying will shortly issue a call for nominations for the following 5 important positions:

--Vice President/President Elect
--Two At-Large members (to fill Ellen Hammond’s and Ying Zhang's positions who will rotate off in 2012.)

Please join me in thanking the Election Committee members, and be prepared to nominate candidates including self-nomination!

P.S. Please be reminded that only current CEAL members can vote or stand for elections, so this is a good time to review your membership status and renew asap if necessary.

Joy Kim
Curator, Korean Heritage Library
East Asian Library
University of Southern California
University Park
Los Angeles, CA90089-1825
Tel: 213-740-2329 or 213-740-2535
Fax: 213-740-7437

Council on East Asian Libraries

Friday, December 9, 2011

LCSH Changes

This is to bring to the attention of those affected CEAL members and their patrons that, after NNC's repeated enquiries filed with LC, the latter has finally proposed cancellation of its LCSH:
   LCCN:  sh2008006789
   hdg.:  Dewa Region (Japan)

in favor of its separate LCSH:
   LCCN:  sh 85037415 
   hdg.:  Dewa (Japan)

These two LCSHs appear quite similar in geographic extent to each other. LCC # DS894.39.D4 entered in LCCN sh 85037415 for "Dewa (Japan)" has caption "Dewa region":
   010 $a CF 95263496
   153 $a DS894.39.D4 $c DS894.39.D495 $h History of Asia
       $h Japan $h Local history and description $h Tohoku
       region $h Prefectures, subregions, etc., A-Z $j
       Dewa region

GEOnet, Dec. 9, 2011 carries:
   Dewa (Approved)
   Dewa-no-kuni (Variant)
   Dewa Province (Variant)
   Ideha (Variant)
   39° 00' 00"N 140° 30' 00"E
   Feature Type: region

Col. gaz., Dec. 9, 2011 carries:
   Type of Place:  former province
   Location:  Akita, Japan
   Dewa, former province in N Honshu, Japan; now Akita
   prefecture and part of Aomori prefecture.

LC's cancellation proposal of its LCSH sp2008006789 now carries:
   010    $a sp2008006789
   682    $i This authority record has been deleted 
          because the heading is covered by the subject 
          heading Dewa (Japan) (sh 85037415).

This LCSH cancellation proposal is scheduled for discussion at the first 2012 PSD Editorial Meeting.

Hideyuki Morimoto

NII Authority Records for Japanese Classics

The Dec. 2011 revision of NII's (Japan's National Institute of Informatics) coding manual, ch. 14, to change provisions of uniform title authority records for Japanese classics has been released to the general public, here: It may be of some interest to some CEAL members and their patrons. NII's explanation of this revision is available here:

Hideyuki Morimoto

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Tokyo Metropolitan Lib Authority Data Offline

During Tokyo Metropolitan Library's system renewal, which is scheduled until Dec. 21, 2011, at 9:00am (Japan time), their authority data search service (URL: is offline, and inaccessible.

(Click to view the Tokyo Metropolitan Library announcement in Japanese)

Hideyuki Morimoto

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

CEAL Directory PDFs Updated

The PDF version of the CEAL Directory Personnel and Institutions files have been updated. Links to both PDFs are here, along with more information about the CEAL Directory.

Click here to log in to the online CEAL Directory.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Annual Meeting Schedule: Toronto March 2012

Keep up-do-date with planning for the 2012 CEAL Annual Meeting in Toronto by checking the 2012 CEAL Annual Meeting Schedule, here (updated as information comes in).

Friday, December 2, 2011

Become a CEAL News Blog Contributor!

Do you have CEAL related announcements or information? Would you like your announcement or other message to remain easily accessible? Does your post include hyperlinks, graphics or photos?

If the answer is yes, and if you are a CEAL member, you may want to consider becoming a contributor to the CEAL News blog. The CEAL News blog is a great place for CEAL members to post any updates and information relevant to the CEAL community (except for East Asian Library job announcements, which are posted on the CEAL Jobs blog.)

CEAL News posts are automatically forwarded to Eastlib, with a link back to CEAL News. Posts  are archived chronologically and by topic, and can be searched on the blog by keyword. Posts can be edited or deleted by contributors, as needed. CEAL News has an RSS feed, which anyone can subscribe to for immediate updates.

To become a CEAL News contributor, email Rob Britt at Rob (the CEAL news editor) will add you to the list of CEAL News contributors, and explain how to get started (it's easy!)

Look for the link to the CEAL News blog on the CEAL homepage.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

CALA Program at ALA

Dear Colleagues and Friends:

Please mark your calendar and don’t miss this wonderful program at the ALA:
Embracing the Changes: Diversity and Global Vision in a Digital Age
Annual Program of the Chinese American Librarians Association
Ernest N. Morial Convention Center, Room 284
Sunday, June 26, 2011
Keynote Speaker:
Betty Turock, Former ALA President, Professor and Dean Emeritus, School of Communication and Information, Rutgers University
“Access to Information in a Digital Age”
Panel Speakers:
Michael Dowling, Director of the Chapter Relations and International Relations Offices, ALA
“Digital Age Provides Opportunity for ALA to Increase International Connectivity"
Miguel Figueroa, Director of Offices for Diversity and OLOS, ALA
“Diversity – Where We Are and Where We Are Going”
Clara Chu, Chair and Professor, Department of Library and Information Studies, The University of North Carolina at Greensboro
“A Call to LEADD (Librarians Enhancing Access, Diversity and Development)"
Michael Porter, President & CEO of Library Renewal, L J Mover and Shaker 2009, elected ALA councilor and member of the Executive Board
“Unity Through Libraries and Global Electronic Content Access”
Program brochure and poster are attached. More information is available at the program website

The program is open to all. Refreshments (coffee, tea, fruits, and sweets) are provided. Chance to win a free Kindle!

Organized by the Chinese American Librarians Association, an ALA affiliate

ALA Committee on Diversity, ALA International Relations Committee, ALA International Relations Office, ALA International Relations Round Table (IRRT), American Indian Library Association, Asian/Pacific American Librarians Association, Black Caucus of the American Library Association, Library and Information Technology Association (LITA), REFORMA - The National Association to Promote Library & Information Services to Latinos and the Spanish Speaking.

Corporate sponsors :
See you there!!!
Min Chou, Chair
On behalf of the CALA 2011 Conference Program Committee

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Send A Message to Librarians in Japan

Dear all,

The group “Savelibrary” in Japan has been set up to share information among librarians in Japan concerning the recent disaster.  The wiki is titled "世界からのメッセージ-私たちは一人ではない" [We are not alone – messages from the World], and can be found here:
Savelibrary Wiki

Note that contributions to the Savelibrary Wiki are not accepted from outside Japan. However, If you would like to send a message to our colleagues in Japan, please email your message to There are volunteers to translate your English message, so please do not worry about that.

Thank you very much,

Hiroyuki N. Good
Japanese Bibliographer
University of Pittsburgh
Blog: Nihon Kenkyu @Pitt:
LibGuides for Japanese Studies:
Shashi Wiki: Database of Japanese Company Histories Books in North America:

Monday, March 14, 2011

Libguide on Earthquake and Tsunami

I created a libguide on Saturday as I was trying to watch the NHK news and keep up with email inquiries about how to get information. This isn’t a beautiful guide or one that was finely crafted over weeks, but if it is helpful to you and/or your students please feel free to link to it.
Knowledge sets us free!
Sharon Domier

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Condolences to Colleagues in Japan

Dear Japanese colleagues,

It is heartbreaking and devastating to see the disaster scenes from Japan. On behalf of CEAL members, I convey our collective condolences to the colleagues in Japan and those in the US. Many of you have relatives in Japan who may have been affected. We wish you all safety and speedy recovery.

Our condolences, best warm wishes, and prayers go to the library community in Japan, including CEAL members and vendors. Please advise us if there is anything CEAL can do to help.

Joy Kim
Council on East Asian Libraries

Curator, Korean Heritage Library
East Asian Library
University of Southern California
University Park
Los Angeles, CA90089-1825
Tel: 213-740-2329 or 213-740-2535
Fax: 213-740-7437

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Welcome to CEAL News!

CEAL News is a blog about CEAL.  It's a way for you to find out what's going on with CEAL, including plans for upcoming events, Bylaws changes, Election Results, website changes, recent developments in East Asian librarianship, and anything else that is going on related to CEAL.

CEAL Election Update

The CEAL election is underway.  It began Monday, February 28th and balloting will close on Monday, March 21st.  All CEAL members should have received an email invitation to vote.

If you have questions about the election, please contact CEAL Election Committee chair, Cathy Chiu.