Friday, December 9, 2011

LCSH Changes

This is to bring to the attention of those affected CEAL members and their patrons that, after NNC's repeated enquiries filed with LC, the latter has finally proposed cancellation of its LCSH:
   LCCN:  sh2008006789
   hdg.:  Dewa Region (Japan)

in favor of its separate LCSH:
   LCCN:  sh 85037415 
   hdg.:  Dewa (Japan)

These two LCSHs appear quite similar in geographic extent to each other. LCC # DS894.39.D4 entered in LCCN sh 85037415 for "Dewa (Japan)" has caption "Dewa region":
   010 $a CF 95263496
   153 $a DS894.39.D4 $c DS894.39.D495 $h History of Asia
       $h Japan $h Local history and description $h Tohoku
       region $h Prefectures, subregions, etc., A-Z $j
       Dewa region

GEOnet, Dec. 9, 2011 carries:
   Dewa (Approved)
   Dewa-no-kuni (Variant)
   Dewa Province (Variant)
   Ideha (Variant)
   39° 00' 00"N 140° 30' 00"E
   Feature Type: region

Col. gaz., Dec. 9, 2011 carries:
   Type of Place:  former province
   Location:  Akita, Japan
   Dewa, former province in N Honshu, Japan; now Akita
   prefecture and part of Aomori prefecture.

LC's cancellation proposal of its LCSH sp2008006789 now carries:
   010    $a sp2008006789
   682    $i This authority record has been deleted 
          because the heading is covered by the subject 
          heading Dewa (Japan) (sh 85037415).

This LCSH cancellation proposal is scheduled for discussion at the first 2012 PSD Editorial Meeting.

Hideyuki Morimoto

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