Thursday, April 4, 2013

Search for Unicode Values with UniView

Do you need to know the Unicode encoding value for a character in your database? You can see the character in OCLC Connexion or in your local system, but how can you find the character's encoding?

There is a great tool for that available free online:

Uniview not only gives you the encoding, it also provides a direct link to the full record for the character in the Unihan database.

UniView was created by Richard Ishida of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).
Rob Britt
CEAL Library Technology Committee Chair

Monday, April 1, 2013

Plenary Reception Video Available

CEAL Plenary Reception Video

"Life of the Council on East Asian Libraries"

By Tang Li (Yale), Xiang Li (Colorado) and Yao Chen (Minnesota)

The video that played during the CEAL reception at the annual meeting in San Diego is available on YouTube. Please find the link to the video on the CEAL Annual Meeting page (under Plenary Programs, 2013) click the direct link above, or, view it here:

Credits for the Video

1) Opening video: Dreamworks Kung Fu Panda Intro
2) Music: a) Goodbye Master, Goodbye  – Internal Affairs (Hong Kong, 2002); b) 山水 (mountain and river) by 12 Girls’ Band; c) A melody tree by Daydream; d) 踏古 (Memories of the sky) by Lin Hai.
3) Ending video and music:  PSY - GANGNAM STYLE

CEAL Library Technology Committee
Rob Britt, Chair

ROC National Central Library Workshop: October 2013

Registration: PDF | Word

The National Central Library of the Republic of China (Taiwan) will conduct an “International Workshop for Professional Librarians” between October 14-19, 2013. Provision is given to overseas East Asian professional librarians to register and participate in the workshop. This 6-days workshop will be open to East Asian professional librarians of different countries. Experts and scholars are invited to give talks. Approximately 30 persons are expected to register. Besides the study program, visits to libraries and cultural sites are included.

Above are links to registration information and forms.