Tuesday, December 23, 2014

CEAL Website Down

The CEAL website has been hit with the second malware attack in the last two weeks. I am working to restore the website, but it may take some time (it's difficult to be more specific at this point). I will carefully (and slowly) make sure the problem is resolved before restoring the website. As it is the holiday, it may take longer than otherwise. In the meantime, the two CEAL blogs, CEAL News and CEAL Jobs (both hosted by Google blogger) are working. The Eastlib listserv is also still working.  I am happy to do posts for you on the blogs, just let me know what you'd like to post.

Thanks for your patience.

For those who manage folders on the CEAL website:

I have changed all the passwords, again. This means that you will have no FTP access to your CEAL folder. After the website is restored, you may email me for further information and instructions. At that point, I will re-issue your password. In the meantime, please do a complete malware scan of your computers, especially your CEAL web folder backup.

Have a great holiday season.

Rob Britt
CEAL Library Technology Chair

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