Wednesday, December 11, 2013

CTP/CJM Working Group on the ALA-LC Japanese Romanization Table Formed

In 2012 CTP and CJM formed a joint Task Force on the LC Proposal for Japanese Romanization to respond and provide feedback to the LC Revision Proposal for Japanese Romanization Table. The revision was approved and released in Dec. 2012.

Based on the 2012 CTP/CJM Task Force ’s report and recommendations, CTP and CJM formed a new joint working group on the ALA-LC Japanese Romanization Table in September 2013 to collect feedback on the 2012 revision and work on unresolved issues, etc., to be chaired by Yoko Kudo.

Thanks to Yoko and the following CEAL members who are willing to take the leadership and serve on the WG on the important issues concerning the ALA-LC Japanese Romanization guidelines:
  • Yoko Kudo, Chair (UC Riverside)
  • Rob Britt (U. Washington)
  • Keiko Suzuki (Yale)
  • Chiaki Sakai (U. Iowa)
  • Hikaru Nakano (U. Florida)
  • Mieko Mazza (Stanford)
The WG’s charge is available at the CTP website. The WG welcomes suggestions/comments from CEAL members. Please contact Yoko Kudo at

Shi Deng, Chair, Committee on Technical Processing Setsuko Noguchi, Chair, Committee on Japanese Materials

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