Wednesday, December 11, 2013

CEAL Task Force on Metadata Standards Formed

I am pleased to announce, on behalf of CEAL Executive Board and CTP members, that CTP worked with CEAL Executive Board members recently to form the CEAL Task Force on Metadata Standards and Best Practices for East Asian Electronic Resources, to be co-chaired by Bie-Hwa Ma and Chengzhi Wang.

This Task Force is charged to investigate the best practices for creating, manipulating, and managing electronic content and metadata for resources in East Asian languages including that for current and future databases, e-journals, e-books and media materials, and address the issues as those e-resources move through their life cycle from selection through user access, along with associated metadata across different systems and functions.

Under this general charge, the Task Force promotes compliance with well-established metadata standards and best practices for electronic resources used by research libraries in North America, and communicates the required compliance to vendors/ information providers of East Asian digital publications.

The Task Force will work as a liaison with national and international working groups on metadata standards and best practices to identify issues related to East Asian e-resources. When called for, it will form responses to national and international organizations on e-resource metadata standards in consultation with the CEAL community.

The Taskl Force will organize training workshops and educational programs for both East Asian library staff of research libraries in North America and East Asian content providers to promote metadata standards and best practices. The first workshop will be held at the upcoming CEAL 2014 conference on Tuesday, March 25, 2014. Please see registration for more details.

Thanks to Bie-Hwa for taking the initiative on getting CTP to form this group and the following CEAL members who are willing to take the leadership and serve on this important TF:
  • Bie-Hwa Ma (Co-Chair, UCSD, for technical services)
  • Chengzhi Wang (Co-Chair, Columbia, for collections and public services)
  • Susan Xue (UCB)
  • Haruko Nakamura (Yale)
  • Miree Ku (Duke)
  • Connie Lam (HKU)
  • Charlene Chou (U. Washington)
  • Mieko Mazza (Stanford)
  • Erica Chang (U. Hawai’i)
  • Shi Deng (UCSD)
  • Ex-officio and liaison to CEAL EB: Shi Deng, CTP chair.
The TF’s charge is available at the CTP website. The TF welcomes suggestions/comments from CEAL members. Please contact Bie-Hwa Ma at or Chengzhi Wang at

Shi Deng, Chair, Committee on Technical Processing

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