Wednesday, December 11, 2013

CTP Subcommittee on RDA Formed

Dear all,
Over the last two years, CTP was called upon numerous times to address and/or respond to RDA related issues, and sometimes we had to work on the RDA JSC and/or PCC’s timetable to provide comments/input on behalf of the CEAL community. The list of CJK specific RDA-related issues is getting longer. The need to have a group of members, who are the front runners and have more experience/knowledge with RDA, focusing on RDA related issues became more prominent with the implementation of RDA. With approval of CEAL executive board, CTP formed a Subcommittee on RDA, to be chaired by Charlene Chou.

The Subcommittee will work on CJK specific issues related to RDA instructions in consultation with CEAL community; facilitate and seek CEAL community input on any proposed RDA instructions or best practices that may improve the effectiveness of cataloging CJK language materials; propose RDA instructions or best practices that may facilitate and enhance user discovery; communicate with ALA, LC, PCC, OCLC and/or other stakeholders on behalf of the CEAL CTP and CEAL community with the approval of CEAL Executive Board; coordinate and/or work jointly with OCLC CJK UG on database maintenance projects as a result of RDA implementation and/or changes of RDA instructions; recommend to the CTP Chair to form working groups on specific RDA-related issues as needed and collaborate with those groups when appropriate; plan and develop for RDA training sessions if needed.

Thanks to Charlene and the following CEAL members who are willing to take the leadership and serve on the Subcommittee:
  • Charlene Chou (Chair, U Washington)
  • Erica Chang (Hawaii)
  • Erminia Chao(BYU, AV materials)
  • Jee-Young Park (Chicago)
  • Mieko Mazza (Stanford)
  • Rob Britt (U Washington, laws & public services)
  • Shi Deng (UC San Diego)
  • T.J. Kao (Yale)
  • Consultant:  Hideyuki Morimoto (Columbia)
  • Liaisons: Sarah Elman (Columbia, CJK NACO Project liaison); Jessalyn Zoom (LC, LC liaison)
The Subcommittee’s charge is available at the CTP website. The Subcommittee welcomes suggestions/comments from CEAL members. Please contact Charlene Chou at

Shi Deng, Chair, Committee on Technical Processing

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