Thursday, March 1, 2012

NCC Open Meeting: Revised Agenda 2012

Revised AGENDA
2012 Annual Open Meeting of the
North American Coordinating Council on Japanese Library Resources (NCC)
Thursday, March 15th, 12:30 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.
Civic Ballroom, Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel, Toronto, Canada

12:30-12:40:    Brief report from NCC Chair, Keiko Yokota-Carter

12:40-12:55:    Report from the National Diet Library, Seiya Takashina and Terumi Fukushi:
National Diet Library 2011--- Launching New Services and
Building the Digital Archive of the Great East Japan Earthquake

12:55-1:25:      Reports from the National Institute of Informatics (NII) and NCC ILL/DD
                        NII: Ikki Omukai and Mai Sekido,
NCC’s ILL/DD Committee: Michiko Ito, Co-chair

1:25-2:00:        Report and Discussion on New Collaborations in NCC’s Cooperative Collection
                        Development Efforts:
                        NCC Multi-Volume Sets Committee (MVS): Mari Nakahara, Co-Chair
                        Cooperative Collection Development Working Group (CCWG): Azusa Tanaka, Chair

2:00-2:10         TEN MINUTE BREAK

2:10-2:30         Reports on International Collaborators and Groups:
European Association of Japanese Resource Specialists: Hamish Todd, EAJRS
Representative to the NCC
Rare Books: Toshie Marra, Sachie Noguchi

2:30-2:40         Activities of New Working Groups Affiliated with NCC:
            Disaster Preparedness Working Group (tentative name), Setsuko Noguchi  
Professional Development Working Group, Keiko Suzuki

2:40-3:30         Demonstration and Feedback on new Components of the NCC Website:
                        Project Introduction: Victoria Bestor, NCC Executive Director
                        New Navigational Options:  Tomoko Bialock
                Introducing the first edition of the NCC Guide to Research Access in Japanese        
                         Museums, Libraries, and Archives 日本研究のためのMLAアクセスガイド,         
                        Takumi Ohata, NCC Staff and Manager MLA Guides
                        Expanding NCC’s Social Networking, Adam Lisbon, NCC SNS Coordinator and Content

                        Preview of Coming Attractions:
                        Chiaki Sakai, Fabiano Rocha, Adam Lisbon, Takumi Ohata, and Victoria Bestor

Please share your experiences, and make recommendations to NCC during this session!

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