Friday, February 3, 2012

Plenary Program Agenda (Update)

 Council on East Asian Libraries (CEAL)
Association for Asian Studies
Annual Meeting, Toronto, Canada, March 12–18, 2012

***Plenary Program***
Organizational Changes in Research Libraries and 
Their Impact on East Asian Collections:
CEAL’s Strategic Position
Wednesday March 14, 2012
10:30–12:00 noon
Dominion Ballroom South, Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel

For almost a decade, we have been witnessing major organizational changes in research libraries. Unfortunately, East Asian libraries sometimes are on the receiving end of these changes. Decision makers do not always seek the opinions of CEAL members, even though their decisions will inevitably impact how the libraries operate. This year’s plenary program aims to provide a study of some of the organizational changes impacting East Asian libraries in North America, in order to help CEAL members take the initiative to formulate a strategic position on issues critical to our services and operations.

  • 10:30–10:35
    Welcome and Introductions
    Joy Kim, University of Southern California
  • 10:35–1:55
    The Future of Libraries and Area Studies Collections

    Larry Alford, Chief Librarian, University of Toronto Libraries
  • 10:55–11:10 Strategic Directions at Harvard Libraries
    James Cheng, Harvard University 
  • 11:10–11:25
    New Horizons and Boundaries: Discussions at the University of California Libraries
    Peter Zhou, UC Berkeley
  • 11:25–11:40
    Reorganization of Technical Services at  Princeton
    Tai-loi Ma, Princeton University
  • 11:40–12:00
    Q & A

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