Thursday, February 9, 2012

Online CEAL Directory Changes

Users of the online CEAL Directory will notice a few recent changes (please see below). Please note that the CEAL Membership Committee, headed by Hikaru Nakano, relies on "Designated Updaters" at institutions to keep the information in the CEAL Directory fresh.
  • "Search Personnel" has changed to "Search People" (I thought it sounded friendlier)
  • The "Search People" page now has two separate search boxes: One for standard searching by name or other data, and another for searching specific groups within the CEAL Directory: CEAL Members, AAS Members, Designated Updaters, etc. The group searches provide a quick and easy listing, and the new separate boxes by search type are very convenient and easy to understand. Please see the screenshot below. 
  • CEAL Treasurer Ai-lin Yang has recently updated the database with the latest information on CEAL and AAS Membership.
Let me know if you have questions or concerns.

Rob Britt
Chair, Library Technology Committee

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