Monday, February 5, 2018

Last call for CEAL and AAS 2018 membership renewal - 2/8/2018 - deadline

Dear CEAL Members,

Just a friendly reminder that the HARD deadline to renew your CEAL membership so you can vote in the 2018 CEAL election is Thursday, February 8th. Different from previous years, this year we will not be able to entertain any renewals after the February 8th deadline, because of the amount of time needed to prepare the ballot. Please refer to to check your membership status and to renew your membership, if needed, before Feb. 8th.

Thank you for your cooperation!


2018 CEAL Election Committee  
Su Chen
Kevin McDowell
Hye-jin Juhn
Jee-Young Park
Zhijia Shen (Chair)

Ex Officio:
Jim Cheng, CEAL President
Adam Lisbon, CEAL Secretary

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