Monday, March 14, 2016

Update: Transit Revisions, Maps: Seattle | University of Washington

A major change in Seattle's transit system begins March 19th, and will be fully implemented beginning on Saturday March 26th, two days before the start of CEAL workshops at the University of Washington. The "Sound Transit" light rail line will extend to the University of Washington beginning on March 19th, and bus routes will be revised on March 26th to take advantage of the new rail service. (Sound Transit light rail goes from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SeaTac), through downtown, and now will continue to University of Washington station, near Husky Stadium, at the south end of campus.)

These transit changes to both Light Rail and King County Metro bus will affect CEAL 2016 attendees making their way between the University of Washington campus and downtown Seattle. Below are some links and information about getting around Seattle and the University of Washington by rail and bus. The routes and schedules noted reflect the complete revision to be instituted on Saturday March 26th.

I look forward to seeing you in Seattle!
Rob Britt
University of Washington
Gallagher Law Library
W.H. Gates Hall: Map

Light Rail (Sound Transit)

New Sound Transit "University Link" link light rail service from downtown Seattle to the University District opens on March 19, 2016.

The Sound Transit link light rail line starts south of Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, heads north through downtown Seattle, and beginning March 19th will end at Husky Stadium at the University of Washington (UW). The walk from the University of Washington station to campus locations (Gowen Hall/East Asia Library, Suzzallo Library, Odegaard Undergrad Library) is uphill, about ten to fifteen minutes.

Downtown: Board Light Rail in the Third Avenue Transit Tunnel

Bus (King County Metro Transit)

The Metro Transit bus from downtown to the U-District is a good option. Depending on traffic, rides are between 20-25 minutes.Get off the bus anywhere on Campus Parkway or 15th AVE NE, near the University. From there, walks to campus locations are about five to ten minutes.
Downtown Transit Tunnel: For Bus and Light Rail
Getting Around Downtown Seattle
Metro Transit System Map Viewer

Bus Routes To UW from Downtown:

49 (all day every 15 minutes between downtown and UW)

Transfer Bus/Light Rail at UW Station
Map with Bus Transfer Options
43, 44, 45, 48, 71... and others

University of Washington (UW) Campus Maps

Husky Stadium / University Link Light Rail Station
East Asia Library / Gowen Hall
Odegaard Undergraduate Library
Suzzallo Library

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