Thursday, January 21, 2016

Revised 2016 Election Announcement

Dear CEAL members:

Thanks to research in the archives and close reading of the by-laws by several members of the CEAL board, we have determined that the make-up of the current roster of members-at-large require that we designate both Member-at-Large positions in the 2016 election.

Hyokyoung Yi, currently the “Korea focus” Member-at-Large will cycle off this spring and needs to be replaced. In addition, we currently lack a Member-at-Large elected with a “Japan focus.” My apologies to those who might have already sent in nominations that do not match these criteria! However, we have determined that this measure will be necessary to keep the composition of the board consistent with the by-laws.

Please see the amended announcement below (and keep those nominations for all of the positions coming in to Hana Kim and her committee!)

Thanks so much.


To all Members of CEAL:

Happy New Year!

I write today to announce the formation of the CEAL Election Committee as the first step in the process for our 2016 election:
  • Tomoko Bialock (UCLA)
  • Michael Meng (Yale University)
  • Chiaki Sakai (University of Iowa)
  • Hee-sook Shin (Columbia University)
  • Haihui Zhang (University of Pittsburgh)
  • Hana Kim (University of British Columbia), Chair

CEAL members will be voting for four members of the CEAL Executive Board by electronic ballot in the spring. The positions for election in 2016 are:
  • Vice President/President-Elect
  • Member-at-Large (two positions):
    • Japan Focus
    • Korea Focus
  • Chair, Committee on Technical Processing (one-year term only)

The position of CTP Chair is considered a “special election” and will be for one year only. Erica Chang, elected as CTP Chair in 2014 for a three-year term, had to step down last October due to new job commitments. (Fortunately, Erica has agreed to continue serving as a CTP committee member.) Therefore, in accord with Article IX of the CEAL by-laws, two CTP members, Philip Melzer and Keiko Suzuki, were nominated and have been approved to serve as co-chairs for an interim period. Phil and Keiko have taken up the CTP chair duties with great energy and the EB is grateful to them for their willingness to serve. Neither of them, however, can serve beyond the CEAL meeting in Seattle. Therefore, the special election for a Chair to fill out the term is being held. The incumbent will serve from March 31, 2016 until the CEAL annual meeting in 2017, at which time a new Chair will be elected for a full three-year term as part of the regular election cycle.

My thanks go to those who agreed to serve on the Election Committee and to Hana for taking on the role of committee chair. I hope all CEAL members will consider standing for election this year!

All the best for 2016,

Ellen H. Hammond
President, CEAL

Ellen H. Hammond
Director, International Collections & Research Support
Head, East Asia Library
Yale University
PO Box 208240
New Haven, CT 06520-8240

Tel: +1 203 432-1791
Fax: +1 203 432-8527

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