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Call for Paper: 8th International Conference on Cooperation and Promotion of Information Resources in Science and Technology, Wuhan, China, 2013

The 8th International Conference on Cooperation and Promotion of Information Resources in Science and Technology (COINFO 2013) is organized by China’s national research agency, the Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (ISTIC), in collaboration with Wuhan University and renowned colleges and universities from around the world.
The COINFO 2013 theme is Sharing of Information Resources in the Era of Big Data. Along with the fast development of Internet and Internet of Things (IOT), Big Data technologies are already operating behind the scene delivering benefit to many organisations through massive power for data analysis. The impacts are still unknown, but the capacity to analyse trends including individual consumer behaviour are both exciting and daunting. It will be critical to identify and manage issues so that we can enjoy the many benefits of Big Data; issues to be explored include:
● The challenge to management in the era of Big Data
● Automated decision-making – is there more or less potential for another global financial melt-down driven by decision-making software
● Social impacts – privacy/security
● How to release results of data analysis that might have impacts on individuals and groups
● How to successfully adopt and how to equip managers to realize the benefits of Big Data
Now in its 8th year COINFO is one of the most influential forums in China and attracts senior officials and industry leaders as well as experts from Germany, UK, Spain, Ireland, New Zealand, South Korea, Canada, Australia, Sweden, USA and China. It has now become a high-end international platform for academic exchanges in information sharing. We invite researchers and management scientists to submit quality research and discussion papers and attend this important and influential event.

I. Topics for Essays Wanted                                 

Topic 1. Public Sharing and Assessment of Sci-Tech Information Resources
(1) Basic theories on the sharing of sci-tech information resources
(2) Laws, regulations and standards of the sharing of sci-tech information resources
(3) Theories and practices of the public sharing of sci-tech information resources
(4) The construction of sci-tech report system and its sharing mechanism
(5) Efficiency of sharing sci-tech information resources
(6) Analyses of user need for sci-tech information resources
(7) Open access publishing of sci-tech information resources

Topic 2. Value-Added Exploitation and Service Innovation of Sci-Tech Information Resources
(1) Analyses and services of big data and innovative sci-tech information resources
(2) Value-added exploitations of sci-tech information resources
(3) Public sharing and services of scientific instruments and apparatus
(4) Cooperative sharing of experimental research establishments
(5) Exploitation and utilization of sci-tech talent resources
(6) Exploitation and utilization of sci-tech information resources oriented for national strategies
(7) Case studies of public sharing of sci-tech information resources

Topic 3. Intellectual Property Management in Scientific Projects
(1) Management and system development of intellectual property information
(2) Analysis, exploitation and utilization of intellectual property information
(3) Intellectual property management in research institutions
(4) Intellectual property management in colleges and universities
(5) Intellectual property management in scientific projects
(6) Intellectual property management in enterprises

Topic 4. Management, Opening and Sharing of Scientific Data
(1) Policies and modes of scientific data sharing
(2) Application of big data theories in scientific data sharing
(4) Integration and application of multi-source data
(5) Analysis and exploitation of scientific data
(6) Tools, technologies and methods of scientific data sharing
(7) Theories, tools, technologies and methods of scientific data management

Topic 5. Information Quality and Data Governance
(1) Governance of big data
(2)Information/data quality strategy, tool and evaluation
(3)Information/data quality and cost/benefit analysis
(4)Information/data quality in electronic services
(5) Quality control of master/meta data
(6) Best practices and successful cases

Topic 6. Open Access for Information on Sci-Tech Achievements and Transformation of Sci-Tech Achievements
(1) Sharing policies and transformation of sci-tech achievements funded by public finances
(2) Database construction and value-added services of sci-tech achievements
(3) Cooperative innovation and transformation of sci-tech achievements
(4) Information access and transformation mechanism of sci-tech achievements in the environment of e-science
(5) Cases of sci-tech achievement transformation

Topic 7. Technology and method for semantic information organization and retrieval
(1)Ontology,visualization, metadata
(2) Organization and retrieval of small granularity  information
(3)Automatic Extraction and mining of information
(4)Multi-source data association and integration
(5)Application and semi-automatic architecture for Chinese ontology engineering
(6)Semantic inference
(7)Semantic information extraction, processing, organization and representation

II. Requirements for Thesis and Submission Methods           
All submissions will be double-blind reviewed by independent reviewers on a rolling basis. Authors are required to use the templates provided on COINFO 2013 website ( ) and strictly follow the Instructions for Preparing Manuscripts. Paper submission, generally no more than 6 pages, should be made in Microsoft Word format and converted to PDF, and submitted through the COINFO 2013 website ( /?conf=coinfo2013 ).

III. Publication of Conference Proceedings                    
According to the evaluation opinions given by experts, all accepted essays will be published by an internationally renowned publisher in the form of conference proceedings. Such conference proceedings shall be sent to EI and/or ISTP for retrieval. Each accepted essay shall be collected an essay registration fee at RMB 2,500 before being published. Excellent essays will be recommended to China Information Review (the core journal of Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China) for publication. The conference proceedings of COINFO 09 have been cited by EI and ISTP; the conference proceedings of COINFO 10 have been cited by ISTP.

IV. Conference Fee                                        
Each attendee shall pay a conference fee of RMB 1,500 (which covers conference affairs and materials; the rate for student attendees shall be RMB 800). Where the essay registration fee is paid prior to the deadline for essay registration, for each essay, only one author can be exempted from the conference fee. Travel expenses and food & accommodation costs shall be borne by the attendees.

V. Important Dates                                      
(1)Paper submission deadline: July 15, 2013
(2) Notification of paper acceptance: August 15, 2013
(3)Final paper submission deadline: August 31, 2013
(4) Author registration deadline: August 31, 2013
(5) Deadline for conference registration: September 30, 2013
(6) Date of conference convening: October 25-27, 2013

For more information, please contact Organizing Committee.
Please visit COINFO 2013 website(
Contact way of Organizing Committee:
Address: Resource Sharing Promotion Centre of Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China(No.15, Fuxing Road, Haidian District, Beijing City)
Postal code: 100038             E-mail:

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