Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Webinar:Using Collection Analysis Tool for Managing CJK Collections

Dear colleagues,

The OCLC CJK User Group Board is very pleased to receive your positive feedback and interest in the topics of our webinars, and we look forward to seeing your active participation in our next webinar.  Using Collection Analysis Tool for Managing CJK Collections webinar will be held next Wednesday, December 12, 2012 at 2:00 pm, Eastern Standard Time.  Below is the login information for attendees.  Please test to make sure your system is ready to use WebEx in advance.

I.  Webinar login information:
To attend the webinar, you will need a computer, Internet browser, Internet connection, and headphones or speakers to hear the audio through your computer.  The meeting will be conducted using WebEx which will allow you to see the presentation and ask questions to the presenters using chat.
TO MAKE SURE YOUR SYSTEM IS READY TO USE WEBEX:  Complete any time prior to Webinar date. 
To ensure a successful session, please click this link to check your system to be sure it is ready to use WebEx.  If your test is unsuccessful, contact WebEx Support at 1-866-229-3239 (toll-free U.S. & Canada) or +1-408-435-7088 (toll call).

TO ATTEND THE WEBINAR:   Begin 10 minutes prior to the start of the event. 
1.        Join us by clicking on this link:  (see topic/date/link below)
2.        Enter your name and email address.
3.        Click Join Now.  From here you can either read and follow the slides that will be cycling on your computer or read steps 4, 5, and 6 below.
4.        The audio will automatically stream over your computers speakers or headphones.  You can adjust the volume on the audio broadcast box.  It might be necessary to adjust the volume on your computer or headset.
5.        To view slides in full screen mode, at the top of your screen, select ‘View’ followed by ‘Full Screen’.
6.        Use the Chat panel on the right side of the screen to submit a question.  In the ‘Send to’ field, click the drop down arrow and choose ‘All Panelists’.  Type the question in the dialog box.  Click the ‘Send’ button.  We will answer questions at the conclusion of the presentation.

Topic: Using Collection Analysis Tool for Managing CJK Collections
Date and Time: Wednesday, December 12, 2012 2:00 pm, Eastern Standard Time (New York, GMT-05:00)
Event number: 716 091 476
Event password: This event does not require a password.
Panelist password: The Event has no Panelist Password
Event address for attendees:

II. Webinar description:
Time: Dec. 12th, 2pm Eastern time
Title: Using Collection Analysis tool to manage CJK collections webinar
Presenter: Tony Harvell, UCSD

Description: This will be a general introduction to the OCLC Collection Analysis product and how it can be used both for a single institution evaluation and how to identify uniqueness and overlap in collections with other institutions. The instructor will show how to create comparison groups and how to develop comparative analysis by language and subject and point out some of the considerations one should apply, particularly in working with area studies materials such as CJK materials.

Charlene Chou
OCLC CJK User Group, Chair, 2012-2014
Starr East Asian Library
Columbia University
New York, NY 10027
phone: 212-854-1502


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