Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Japanese Romanization Task Force Update

Dear East Asia Library colleagues,
On behalf of the CTP/CJM Joint Task Force, I would like to share the TF comments regarding LC’s July 18, 2012 response and the draft Japanese romanization charts, which the TF derived from several sources and which replaces Appendix G in our June 13, 2012 response

Click the links at the top of this message to go directly to the latest PDF files. Or, find the PDF links under "August 17, 2012 Updates," near the bottom of the Task Force web page, on the CEAL Technical Processing Committee website.

This summary was included in our email to LC sent on August 17th, 2012:
As described in the TF comments, our latest recommendations are as follows:
  • To include only minimum revisions in this current cycle of ALA-LC romanization table of Japanese, other than the alif/apostrophe clarification
  • To work together for the comprehensive review after the initial implementation of RDA settle down
  • To defer the switch from Kenkyusha's New Japanese English Dictionary to our own romanization charts to the comprehensive review
In addition, TF and CEAL community are looking forward to hearing from LC colleagues to clarify various important romanization and word division issues including the questions in the attached TF response and the ones from the Asian materials cataloging questions and answers (Appendix I of TF’s June 13, 2012 response) ...

In the same email, we wrote: “TF has been pleased to see the recent progress on the “Alif” clean-up initiatives by LC ([eastlib] Fwd: Announcing message on "Implementation of Apostrophes in Japanese Romanized Cataloging" on August 2nd, 2012) and OCLC ([OCLC-CJK] Conversion of alif and ayn to apostrophe on August 7th, 2012).”

Please let me or TF members know if you have any questions or concerns regarding the TF comments, the draft charts, and TF’s work as a whole.

We thank the CEAL community, LC and OCLC for their support of our work over the last eight months, and we look forward to the opportunity to continue to work together towards the important goal of further improving Japanese romanization standards in the near future.

- Keiko

For the CTP/CJM Joint Task Force on the LC Proposal for Japanese Romanization

Keiko Suzuki, Yale University, Chair
Rob Britt, University of Washington
Yoko Kudo, University of California Riverside
Mieko Mazza, Yale University
Hikaru Nakano, University of Florida

Shi Deng, University of California San Diego, ex officio (CTP Chair)
Setsuko Noguchi, CIC, ex officio (CJM Chair)

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