Thursday, January 12, 2012

Japanese Romanization: Survey

Dear all

This is just a friendly reminder of the survey on “Clarification of LC practice concerning the use of diacritical marks in Japanese romanization.”

If you have already participated in the survey, thank you very much! Please disregard this message. However, if you haven’t done it yet, please take a moment to go and participate in:

The deadline of the survey is this coming Monday, Jan. 16th, which is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and might be a day off to some of you. So please consider completing it today or tomorrow.

Thank you very much for your time and cooperation.


For CJM/CTP Joint Task Force on LC Proposal to Japanese Romanization
Rob Britt
Shi Deng, ex officio (CTP Chair)
Yoko Kudo
Mieko Mazza
Hikaru Nakano
Setsuko Noguchi, ex officio (CJM Chair)
Keiko Suzuki, TF Chair

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